Enterprise search optimized for goal completion

Content is not static, and neither is your customers’ path to it. Using state-of-the-art search technology, Episerver guides each visitor to their goal – leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Search that takes you further, faster

Let your visitors help you boost your conversions rates. The more you listen to their intentions, the better you can serve their needs. The search box is the right place to begin.

Episerver’s enterprise search uses autocomplete, related queries and behavioral ranking to boost search relevance and accelerate your visitors’ path to conversion. It learns from visitor behavior and continually optimizes suggestions and search results.

This means visitors find exactly what they want, while you get supercharged conversion rates.

Benefits of Episerver’s search

  • Guided search

    Episerver offers autocomplete, search-as-you-type, “did you mean” suggestions, best bets, and faceted drill-down to take visitors to their goal quicker.

  • Enterprise content indexing

    Make content and data easily searchable. Thanks to a simple indexing API and built-in crawler technology, you can index any kind of information, wherever it is.

  • Behavioral boosting

    Episerver learns from visitor behavior. By tracking visitor search queries and click and conversion behavior, search becomes smarter and more predictive the more it is used.

Scalable performance, effortlessly delivered

Milliseconds matter. Regardless of how much content you have, we deliver the service to give thousands of visitors results instantly. Using a highly tuned proprietary database, we deliver relevant results in the blink of an eye. And when your traffic and site grow, so does the search service.

Episerver Find, the enterprise search solution built into Digital Experience Cloud, is delivered either in our cloud or in your private on-site cloud. In both cases, we take care of application management, backups, and upgrades – so you don’t have to.

With more than 400 customers to date, we have the knowledge and power to deliver highly available and effective search solutions.

Snakk med oss for å lære mer!

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Bedre resultater - raskt og effektivt: Vår teknologi hjelper deg med å automatisere og optimalisere alle stegene i kundereisen.

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