Obsession Disorder

When hurrying customers
to the checkout actually
pushes them away


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Here's the

But in their struggle to find their feet and grow
their online sales, they are: doing it all wrong.

They just see a visitor and pop the question:

They‘re constantly trying to get customers to
buy something, instead of trying to find out
what they want.

The result is that conversion rates have
become the dominant KPI for
commerce websites.

But this creates a huge
blind spot – and ignores the
way shoppers really behave.


Only about 2% of visitors
to an ecommerce site
actually make a purchase
on the first visit.

0% 2%

So what happened to
the other 98%?

It turns out that not everyone who
comes to your site is there to
immediately buy something.

Maybe 20-30% of your visitors are
ready to buy, and of course you
should help them.

...the other 70-80% are there to do
something else.

And if you can help them do
that easily and with minimum
effort, that‘s what we call a
good experience.

And we know everyone is talking
about “experiences”.

But what if experiences are
actually more simple than that?
Visitors come to your website with an
intent, and you help them do it.

And this matters

23% of online shoppers are willing
to pay more for a superior experience.


And we want to buy from companies
that don‘t hassle us. That make it easy.

So the

Is to get smarter about understanding what
your customers really want.
What does that look like?

Here is all the traffic to your digital
touchpoints. They all came to your site
to complete different tasks:

Research includes things like:

Product information Reviews & testimonials Comparing prices Instructional videos

If you help them complete these tasks...
You are not only sharing the right kind
of information, but helping them create
positive connections
with your brand.

People don‘t just find product information,
they satisfy their curiosity.

They don‘t just read reviews and testimonials,
they find peers that they trust.

They don‘t just compare prices,
they make budgets and plans for the future.

They don‘t just read content,
they hunt for great stories.

When you start to embrace each
customer‘s actual intention it gets easier
to deliver great experiences.

But how can you do this at scale?
This is where artificial intelligence can help.

It can use visitor data, real-time behavior and
similar journeys to suggest the right content
and products.

And with your customer-obsessed focus,
you will be delivering better experiences
than everyone else.

We call this experience-driven
commerce, because it treats
every visit as an opportunity to

So you earn the eventual
conversion instead of simply
demanding it.

It would be selfish for you to keep
all of this knowledge to yourself.

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